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A non profit providing Internet access and digital education to those who do not have a computer or other device, to find a job on the Internet. FREE services include mentoring, resume and cover letter preparation, interviewing strategies.

We need volunteers at our offices to meet applicants seeking use of our computers, and being taught basic skills of how to search the world wide web, find postings of interest, prepare concise job winning resumes as well as powerful cover letters that will guarantee interviews. FINDING A JOB IS A JOB. We mentor each of our clients, and all our services are free. We do not find jobs for people, but we provide them with the tools so that they can compete. Today, jobs are posted on bulletine boards online-and so many cannot get into the game and are shut out because they do not have computer skills or even a computer to use to find and secure a job.

Link to Website: http://www.operationkickstartalberta.com

Contact Info

visit www.operationkickstartalberta.com DR. KORMAN PRIVATE CELL IS 5039970650 OR EMAIL IS LAWDOC02@AOL.COM

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Date: 10/20/2015 5:23:13 PM
Expiry Date: 9/29/2019

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