Robert Fullerton painter of Cowichan Valley Landscapes
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FullSoul Canada

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~Soulful People making a difference in the world~ FullSoul Luxury Fashion | Maternal Health | Medical Kits | Social Enterprise

We are working to equip hospitals in Uganda with medical kits outfitted with the proper tools needed for a safer, more hygienic birth. These medical kits will contain items such as scissors, needle holders, kidney dishes, forceps and more. Access to these kits will increase the safety of the delivery process and decrease the risk of spreading infections such as HIV.

This summer, FullSoul Canada will be launching its first line of high-end luxury shirts to support the costs of medical delivery kits in Uganda and other societies that could benefit
from safer and more sanitary delivery processes. Each shirt will be manufactured with social impact at its core. Everyone who purchases a shirt will be part of the fabric of
change we are working to weave in the lives of mothers, new born babies and medical practitioners in Uganda, and similar communities all over the word.

The FullSoul social enterprise model focuses on the Three P's: People, Profit and Planet.

We work with the mission and ideals of a non-profit using a for-profit model. The fashion line will fund a soulful Profit.
The medical kits will help establish a more soulful Planet.
The FullSoul team's effort to become our best, while also changing the world will make us more soulful People.

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Rob Fullerton - Cowichan Valley Landscapes