Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network Run/Walk FASD

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Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network Run/Walk FASD The Calgary Fetal Alcohol Network invites you or your organization to become a member of our Network. CFAN meets on a monthly basis and has working groups in the areas or Professional Knowledge and Resources and Prevention and Awareness to address the needs in the community.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) refers to a complex range of brain injuries that can result from prenatal exposure to alcohol (PAE). It is an umbrella term that has evolved over time and is used to denote an array of developmental, physical, learning and behavioural conditions.

The bottom line is that pre-natal exposure to alcohol, in combination with other risk factors, may cause brain injuries, which are expressed in unique and individual ways.

FASD can occur in all segments of society. Poverty, genetics, maternal stress, poor nutrition and other prenatal exposures can influence the severity of FASD. Prenatal exposure to alcohol, while not the sole component contributing to FASD, is a necessary one and therefore FASD is preventable.


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